Consumer Trends - 2021

COVID-19 has affected consumer behaviour, from staying at home and avoiding public transport, to prioritizing savings over spending.

Organizations must understand how their customers are feeling and behaving in order to find the specific opportunities in their sector. With 20% or 1in5 consumers still wanting to stay at home as much as possible, digital platforms and online shopping are a must for most businesses looking to grow or even stay afloat.

We’ve seen an upwards of 30% less spend amongst consumers over the past year which is largely due to the uncertainty of our economies and consumers being worried about their future financial security.

Despite all this, many people are still looking for ways to keep busy and entertained during these times and have invested in things like home-improvement projects, at home fitness and outdoor sports like biking, hiking gear, roller blades etc..

The pandemic has forced a lot of small businesses to shift to digital and quickly! There are many “old-school” businesses who could never be convinced to move online but are now left with no choice but to either move with the times or potentially close. I strongly believe that pushing for digital in the small business world has really helped bridge the digital gap a bit closer between generations which has been a struggle for many years.